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Driving Miss Daisy Car Stickers

Driving Miss Daisy ( Car License Stickers)


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Driving Miss Daisy ( Car License Stickers)

Car License Stickers

Another South African influenced piece of artwork. I have had a car licence in my cubby hole for almost a year, cause there are no car license stickers to be found. So I decided to design my own. The response has been amazing, so I'm presuming there are a few people like me carrying around the piece of paper, instead of sticking it to their car. 🙂 So now I have one, which will go up for about 2 months before the new one needs to go up (lol)

This was illustrated and painted with watercolour, scanned and designed & printed as stickers on gloss material
My business details are on the stickers, but they are that reminder that when you need your next car licence sticker, you will remember to visit my shop.
Safe travels in Mzanzi!