Logo Development

Logo Development is one aspect of your visual brand identity, but a significant one.
It is the forefront of your business and what most of your audience will recognise you from.
When I develop a logo for my client, I consider the following elements:


5 Important things to consider when developing a logo

1. Who are my clients target audience?
2. Font choice and how this will convey the correct messaging tone
3. Colour and that it represents the brand correctly.
4. Clean & Simple – making it recognisable.
5. Not to design with the trend, but to design intentionally & mindfully, with my client’s
authenticity in mind

Logo Development Portfolio

Logo Development Meaning

Logo development is the process of designing a logo. It is part of a marketing strategy used by companies to give customers a reason to choose their products over the competition.

Logo development is all about creating the perfect visual mark for a company. Typically a logo consists of a symbol, logotype and a tagline.

The 5 golden rules of logo development

  1. Make it Memorable
  2. Keep it Simple
  3. Compliment the Heart and Vision of your company
  4. Consider your services and products
  5. Dare to be Different