Illustration of the moon

Illustration of the moon and its phases and how it affects our moods, emotions and presence. This illustration I did for the same client as the menstrual cycle illustration. (See the previous post)
This was so interesting, as she explained and showed how to work and understand the moon and its phases.
The universe is a magical thing!✨✨🌕🌑💙
It’s a full moon with a total lunar eclipse in the early hrs of May 26 2021.
Enjoy it, feel it!✨🌕🌑💙
🖌@jessicajetvogt JET Creative Consulting

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  As a little girl, I loved Art, and I had a real gift for colors and coloring in. I took Art throughout primary school. By the time i was 13, I knew I wanted to be a graphic designer. I realized I had a natural creative talent, and I needed to take it further....

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Hi, I’m Jess I am a graphic designer by profession and the creative mind behind Jet Creative Consulting. I think branding should be something that represents you and your biz, something that is magical and compelling. Something that tells your story that lets people...

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Jet Creative Consulting is a boutique graphic design studio that specializes in creative logo and branding solutions & packaging design. I believe that your brand should be a good representation of you and your business vision and mission. Jet inspires creativity...

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